We invite you to reserve your time today on October 6, 2024. On this day, for the eighth time in history, the WILD RUN charity run will start!

We will run 10 km along the winding paths of the Wrocław Zoo on Sunday, October 6, 2024. And those who cannot be present in Wrocław can join WILD RUN virtually anywhere in the world!

This year, the money collected in the charity run, will be donated to Asian organizations directly involved in the active conservation projects of endangered animal species. We focus on the Asian continent, specifically the Indochinese Peninsula, which nature is exceptionally diverse, but unfortunately many plant and animal species are at risk of extinction. The preservation of biodiversity in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is threatened by poaching, loss of habitats, expansion of agricultural and clothing companies and the development of Asian pseudo-medicine.

We will present the detailed goal of WILD RUN in July 2024.

Join WILD RUN – Let’s save the animals of Asia

  • as a runner – registration will start in the summer in August 2024 – please follow the website
  • as a partner/sponsor

Since 2017, throughout the history of WILD RUN nearly 7,000 people have run with us and we have donated over PLN 322,000 for the conservation projects of endangered animal species!!

We invite you this year as well. A noble cause!