Run with us, support the nature and animal rescue projects in South-East Asia!

This is the fourth edition of the „Wild Run”, a charity campaign organized by Dodo Foundation and Zoo Wrocław. This year, due to the pandemic, we are going to run virtually. Competitors can choose individually their distance: 1km, 5km or 10km.and can run in a place and time convenient for them.

South-East Asia faces enormous problems in preserving biodiversity. Many animals that live there are in danger of extinction. The growing human population, poaching and illegal wildlife trade are causing a sharp decline in many species. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, closely related to the illegal trade of animals, has accelerated this process. People found themselves without jobs and livelihoods, and therefore they started poaching. Organizations that save endangered species of animals found themselves in a very difficult financial situation. They were closed to visitors for months, any charity events could be organized, and many sponsors withdrew due to the economic crisis.

We organized WILD RUN to help save pangolins, the most frequently trafficked animals on Earth, whose scales, according to superstition called “Chinese medicine”, is a wildlife commodity comparable to a rhino horn.

Our help is also needed by the critically endangered white-cheeked gibbons, which are dying out due to deforestation and illegal trade.

The coronavirus pandemic has also worsened the situation of sun bears and moon bears. They are caught from their environment and kept in cruel conditions on the bear bile farms in South-East Asia.

On Borneo we help to recreate corridors and patches of natural forest within palm oil plantations. There we protect clouded leopards, elephants and orangutans.

If we don’t support the research and actions to protect against poaching: silver-backed chevrotain, saola, Visayan warty pig, small-toothed palm civet, then these almost unknown species will disappear from our planet … Who do we support?

This year’s income of WILD RUN will help to save endangered species in South – East Asia. You can additionally support the foundation with the amount:  10 PLN, 50 PLN or 100PLN, which will help the following projects:

Anoulak – an association operating in Laos, in the Annamite Mountains. Anoulak works on the conservation and research of the endemic species: white-cheeked gibbons, red-shanked doucs –

Talarak – a foundation that rescues endangered, endemic species of animals on the island of Negros in the Philippines. Talarak works on breeding and reintroduction programs of Visayan spotted deer, Visayan warty pigs, Walden’s hornbills, Visayan hornbills, Negros bleeding heart dove –

Katala – a foundation saving endangered, endemic species on Palawan: Philippine mouse-deer, Philippine cockatoo, Palawan hornbill, Palawan forest turtles and pangolins –

Global Wildlife Conservation – a project of searching and protecting the „lost” species of silver-backed chevrotain in Vietnam –

Hutan – a project of researching and protecting orangutans, elephants, clouded leopards, sun bears in palm oil plantations in Borneo –

Kukang – a project of protecting lori kukang in Sumatra from poaching and illegal wildlife trade, which is connected to the tourism development and illegal keeping these protected animals at home –

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife – a foundation that rescues pangolins, as well as other endangered species from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam, and returns them to the wild –

Free the Bears – a foundation that rescues moon and sun bears from bear bile farms and other endangered species, including pangolins, from illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam –

Saola Working Group. Saola Foundation – organizations conducting research in the forests of Laos and Vietnam on the discovery and conservation of saola – one of the most endangered mammals on Earth –;