Asia is a continent full of natural and cultural wonders. However, the region faces serious challenges such as overpopulation, water scarcity and climate change. The preservation of biodiversity is threatened by poaching, the expansion of multinational mining and agricultural corporations, and textile manufacturers. The negative impact on the environment of a predatory economy and agriculture also means danger for the mostly poor communities of this continent.

Each of us, every day by making consumer choices and using the Earth’s resources consciously and ecologically, can help save Asia’s endemic species and its rich culture. An eco-friendly lifestyle is not only good for our health, but also for the animals in such remote places on Earth!

Join the Wild Run – Save the Animals of Asia and spend an unforgettable day running through the Wrocław Zoo! Together with us you will discover rare, unique animals of Asia and learn how to protect them. We will donate all profits from the run to projects to protect endangered animal species:

Elephants, Sunda clouded leopard and orangutans in Borneo, where we have been working for years with the Hutan Foundation on the revitalisation of oil palm plantations. With the right support and a conscious choice of organic products, we manage to protect Borneo’s endemic animal species in coexistence with agriculture and the development of local communities. 

Sunda slow loris in Sumatra, threatened by poaching and illegal trade. We support the Kukang project protecting these animals through the education of local communities and organic coffee cultivation. By giving former poachers jobs patrolling the rainforest and growing coffee, we are successfully protecting endangered animal species.

Palawan hornbills and Philippine mouse-deer on Palawan. This island, famous for its endemic animal species, is struggling not only with high population pressure and agricultural development but also with the effects of climate change causing devastating typhoons. For many years, we have supported the Katala Foundation in researching and protecting Palawan endemic species.

Pangolins, the world’s most trafficked animals, are victims of the superstitions of pseudo-traditional Chinese medicine. Thanks to the support of foundations such as Free the Bears and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in Laos and Vietnam, thousands of confiscated animals are being rescued from the hands of traffickers and returned to the wild.

Snow leopards, which climate change is depriving of more and more of their habitat in Asia’s highest mountains every year. Thanks to the Snow Leopard Trust, we manage to prevent livestock grazing in ever higher elevations, while providing local communities with employment in the manufacture of organic sheep wool products and access to education.

Indian rhinos in Manas National Park, where we have supported the restoration of grassland habitat – a natural ecosystem for rhinos, pygmy hogs and many other endemic species of Assam.