We encourage all participants to purchase elements of the extended package. Those are:

  • high-quality white technical T-shirt with a print on the front in three variants
  • Chimney scarf (one size / type buff)
  • mask (one size)
  • Kukang coffee
  • bracelet
  • Dreamcatcher
  • support for the Wrocław zoo
  • additional support for the DODO Foundation


Sizes of t-shirts



We present three variants of the chimney scarf. The front graphic is adapted to use the buff as a chimney. The back graphic is adapted to use the chimney as a hat (by twisting the chimney in the middle) – the animal image will be on your forehead.



Here is a visualization of the running masks. On one side, the logo, on the other, the image of one of our three animals.


The full flavor of Arabica with a spicy note of nuts, almonds and dark chocolate

Coffee that helps save endangered species of animals in Sumatra and live its inhabitants with dignity!

Your cup of coffee began its journey in the village of Kuta Male on the edge of the wild Sumatra rainforest. We buy coffee there directly from small farmers at a higher price and help them improve their living conditions. With this coffee, this farming community now protects endangered animal species, including Lori Kukang. Coffee is grown in an environmentally friendly manner, without chemicals, and thanks to a well-thought-out method of processing it is of very high quality. Thanks to the history of this coffee, the hunt for lori and other endangered species in Kuta Male has been ended.



Handcrafted by women in the Annamite Mountains. The Anoulak Association teaches women new ways of earning money and sells their products. The bracelet helps to protect animals, including white-cheeked gibbons, magnificent guki, large muntin gibbons and improve the life of the local population.


Hand-made from snares collected in the forests of Vietnam. By buying a dream catcher, you help to protect the saola and other forest animals that will not fall into snares, you give a job to protect the animals of the local population



This year is special due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. However, we want to continue supporting the conservation of endangered species. The total income from the run, as well as additional support for the DODO Foundation will be donated for this purpose.

Additionally, we would like to ask you to support the functioning of Zoo Wrocław in these difficult times.

Your voluntary donation is: 10, 50 or 100 PLN. All funds obtained in this way will be allocated to the care of the zoo animals.


This year’s income of WILD RUN will help to save endangered species in South – East Asia. You can additionally support the foundation with the amount:  10 PLN, 50 PLN or 100PLN, which will help the following projects:

Association ANOULAK– an association operating in Laos, in the Annamite Mountains. Anoulak works on the conservation and research of the endemic species: white-cheeked gibbons, red-shanked doucs – www.conservationlaos.com

Talarak Foundation – a foundation that rescues endangered, endemic species of animals on the island of Negros in the Philippines. Talarak works on breeding and reintroduction programs of Visayan spotted deer, Visayan warty pigs, Walden’s hornbills, Visayan hornbills, Negros bleeding heart dove – www.talarak.org

Katala Foundation – a foundation saving endangered, endemic species on Palawan: Philippine mouse-deer, Philippine cockatoo, Palawan hornbill, Palawan forest turtles and pangolins – www.philippinecockatoo.org

Global Wildlife Conservation – a project of searching and protecting the „lost” species of silver-backed chevrotain in Vietnam – www.globalwildlife.org/silver-backed-chevrotain/

Hutan – a project of researching and protecting orangutans, elephants, clouded leopards, sun bears in palm oil plantations in Borneo – www.hutan.org.my

The Kukang Rescue Program – a project of protecting lori kukang in Sumatra from poaching and illegal wildlife trade, which is connected to the tourism development and illegal keeping these protected animals at home – www.kukang.org

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife – a foundation that rescues pangolins, as well as other endangered species from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam, and returns them to the wild – www.svw.vn

Free the Bears – a foundation that rescues moon and sun bears from bear bile farms and other endangered species, including pangolins, from illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam – www.freethebears.org


Saola Working Group. Saola Foundation – organizations conducting research in the forests of Laos and Vietnam on the discovery and conservation of saola – one of the most endangered mammals on Earth – www.savethesaola.org; www.saolafoundation.org