1. Collection of funds for the statutory purposes of the activities of the Wroclaw Zoo Foundation – DODO, with particular emphasis on projects related to the protection of endangered species in Southeast Asia. All proceeds from the run will be donated to the foundation.
  2. Popularizing running as the simplest form of movement.
  3. Dissemination of physical culture and sport.
  4. Promotion of the Wrocław Zoo – an institution dealing with animal protection and promoting family lifestyle.
  5. Promotion of the Foundation ZOO Wrocław – DODO, an organization dealing with the protection of endangered animal species.


  1. Pro-Run Wroclaw Association – www.pro-run.pl
  2. Patron: Wroclaw ZOO Foundation – DODO and Wroclaw ZOO


  1. Virtual Race Director: Jacek Urbanowicz e-mail: biuro@pro-run.pl
  2. Internet sign-ups: Jacek Urbanowicz e-mail: zawody@pro-run.pl
  3. Organizer website: www.pro-run.pl
  4. Race website:  www.wildrun.eu


  1. You can join the race in the time period from 22/09/2020 to 15/12/2020
  2. The competitors cover their distance individually at a time and place convenient for them.


  1. The participants have a choice of several distances. The type of pavement and route profile is free. The declared result will be placed in the race classification. You can choose one of the three main ones. Each distance can be made by walking or running.

I. Main distances:

  1. 1km 
  2. 5km
  3. 10km


Each of the main distances of the run will have its classification by gender and age category. Due to the different nature of the place and time of activity, no winners will be selected.


  1. Each of the participants takes the time and distance measurement on their own.
  2. You can use a stopwatch for this purpose, but also various applications.
  3. The obtained result for a given distance should be documented independently:

I. Download data from an application or a watch and load them in a datasport portal (e.g. gpx file) – RECOMMENDED METHOD

II. Sending the result, distance and the name of the participant to the email address: zawody@pro-run.pl

4. On the basis of the above, run classifications will be created.

5. Confirmation of activity can be sent by December 31, 2020 at the latest.


  1. Electronically via the application form from 22/09/2020 to 15/12/2020 until 24:00 www.datasport.pl
  2. The organizer also accepts applications to the following e-mail address: zawody@pro-run.pl
  3. Start in the race is paid. The paid package is associated with the shipment of the starter package.
  4. You can sign-up to the following options: Starting package 40PLN + shipment or pickup in person in Wroclaw (ul. Nowowiejska 115, Fridays from 10.00 to 16.00 – start from 12.10.2020)
CountryPackage – Main Distance 1km, 5km or 10kmExtended Package
Pick up in person – Wroclaw0 PLN0 PLN
Poland15 PLN15 PLN
Europe25 PLN25 PLN
North America, Africa30 PLN30 PLN
South America, Central America, Asia45 PLN45 PLN
Australia and Oceania55 PLN55 PLN
The elements of the extended package should be checked in point 9 of the rules.

Bank transfer details:

Stowarzyszenie Pro-Run Wrocław
ul. J.W. Dawida 26/9, Wrocław
bank account number 44105015751000009080005508
Postscript: Wild Run 2020, Full Name

Once paid, the entry fee is not refundable. However, you can transfer your fee to another person.


  1. Runners who register from 22/09/2020 to 15/12/2020 will receive the following, basic and extended benefits:
1km, 5km or 10km 40 PLN + shipment
start numberYES
electronic diplomaYES
real medalYES
magnet from the ZOOYES
support for the DODO foundationYES
race bag*YES
additional support for the DODO foundation+ 10 PLN / 50 PLN / 100 PLN
running (race) t-shirt + 40 PLN
running (race) scarf+ 20 PLN
running (race) protective mask+ 15 PLN
bracelet+ 50 PLN
dream catcher+ 50 PLN
Kukang coffe 250g+ 50 PLN
donation to the Wroclaw ZOO10 PLN, 50 PLN or 100 PLN
donation to the DODO foundation10 PLN, 50 PLN or 100 PLN
* the race bag will be included with the first 1,000 purchased starter packages. The order of booked payments for packages is decisive. ** each additional element of the package can be added or subtracted at will.

Additionally, during registration, the competitor can choose the support option:

  • Wroclaw ZOO in three variants: 5 PLN, 10 PLN, 15 PLN
  • activities of the Wrocław Zoo Foundation – DODO in three variants: 10 PLN, 50 PLN, 100 PLN. The amounts collected to support the Wrocław Zoo Foundation – DODO will be allocated to projects protecting animals in Southeast Asia:

Anoulak – an association operating in Laos for the recognition and protection of endemic species of the Annamite Mountains: white-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys), douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus) – www.conservationlaos.com

Talarak – foundation that rescues endangered, endemic species of animals on the island of Negros in the Philippines by breeding and reintroducing the Wandering pig (Sus cebifrons) – www.talarak.org

Katala – a foundation saving endangered, endemic species of animals in Palawan ex: Filipino hornbills, Palawan forest turtles and pangolins – www.philippinecockatoo.org

Global Wildlife Conservation – project to search for and protect the „lost” species of silverbacked mousyre in Vietnam – www.globalwildlife.org/silver-backed-chevrotain/

Hutan – project to study and protect orangutans, elephants, foggy leopards and Malay bears in oil palm plantations in Borneo – www.hutan.org.my

Kukang – project to protect lori in Sumatra from poaching and illegal trafficking related to the development of tourism and the fashion for keeping these protected animals at home – www.kukang.org

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife – a foundation that rescues pangolins from smuggling in Vietnam, which return to nature after recovery and rehabilitation – www.svw.vn

Free the Bears – foundation saving Malay and Himalayan bears from bile farms and other endangered species, including pangolins, from illegal trade in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam – www.freethebears.org 

Saola Working Group – a group of IUCN specialists conducting research in the forests of Laos and Vietnam on the discovery and protection of saoli – one of the most endangered mammals on Earth – savethesaola.org

2. The package can be enlarged with additional elements of the extended package, e.g. additional T-shirts. To order them, please contact zawody@pro-run.pl

3. There are no prizes for the best competitors in the general classifications.

4. Each participant who confirms the completion of the task will take part in the drawing of attractive prizes.


The total income from the virtual run – Wild Run will be allocated to the statutory purposes of the activities of the Wrocław Zoo Foundation – DODO, with particular emphasis on projects related to the protection of endangered species in Southeast Asia.


  1. All elements of the selected starter pack will be sent by registered mail to the address indicated when registering for the race after documenting the result. If someone cannot finish the race for various reasons, please inform us at: zawody@pro-run.pl
  2. The organizer is not responsible for the incorrectly provided address and subsequent shipping to such data.
  3. The shipping costs provided in section VIII apply to a maximum of one set of extended package materials. It is possible to order more products, but shipping costs may then change. Please send your questions to zawody@pro-run.pl
  4. Shipments will be sent on an ongoing basis from 12/10/2020


  1. Everyone, regardless of age, can participate in the race.
  2. Underage competitors are required to cover the distance under adult supervision.
  3. Each adult competitor tries only at his own risk.
  4. By signing up for the race, you consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of verification and placing them in the classification and final message.